I Have Two Words For You

A Story Of One Woman's Journey To
Healing, Freedom, And Faith.

In her debut book, Jamie Dahl takes you on a real and raw look at how she survived a deadly diagnosis and how God has used "all things", even the worst things, to bring about a good ending to her story. When you read this book, you will laugh, you will cry, and you will know that YOU are destined for something more than the mediocre life that has been sent your way. I Have Two Words for You, teaches you how to take the curve-balls of life and swing for the fences to become the woman of faith and destiny you were designed to be.

Inspiration & Faith

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Meet Jamie

Thanks for stopping by!  I’m Jamie Dahl, and I’m excited to share a little bit of my world with you. I’m a wife, a mommy, and a breast cancer survivor who loves God, and looks for the beautiful things in life. I believe that everyone has been created with a plan and a purpose, and YOU matter! 

My passion is helping you see the mountaintop from the valley, and encouraging you along the way. I also know what it's like to be thrown a life "curveball", and the challenges of overcoming a trial. If that is where you are, I want you to know that you are not alone. 

I decided to create this space to share some of my “win” moments, a handful of my failures, and a few lessons I have learned on this road called, life. My hope is that they make you laugh, make you think, and inspire you.  

I am glad you are here, and I hope you stay!



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