I have Two Words for you:

a story of one women's journey to healing, freedom, and faith.

  • Help -  When life brings you challenges that seem insurmountable, this story will show you that you are not alone, no matter your circumstances.
  • Hope -  Jamie’s words will bring you hope, and be a light, during what may feel like your darkest days.
  • Healing -  Follow the path Jamie took as she outlines the healing process for her spirit, soul, and body.

In The Book, You Will Discover:

You Are Not Alone

If you have been told you have breast cancer, or are experiencing a different trial, Jamie’s transparency will help you feel as though you have a friend walking alongside you. The practical lessons she learned will move you, and her “gems” can be applied to almost any difficulty you are facing.

A Helpful Resource

Has someone close to you been diagnosed with breast cancer? I Have Two Words for You is a helpful resource and a thoughtful gift that is sure to offer practical tips to help them endure this difficult trial, and serve as balm for their soul.

Be a Part of a Community

Jamie’s story doesn’t end with the last chapter of her book. Follow her on her blog, thedahliadiairies.com, and be a part of a community focused on faith, family, and freedom!

There is Hope

Jamie is passionate about using her story to help others facing  situations similar to hers. She wants you to know that there is HOPE, even after a cancer diagnosis!



If you’re like most women, you have an idea of how you thought life would be. But in reality, it very rarely ends up exactly like you had planned. Stuff happens, emotions shift, circumstances change and despite your best effort at perfection, it's easy to feel like you are one fry short of the happy meal you dreamed of.

In this book, Jamie Dahl takes you on a real and raw look at how one woman survived a deadly diagnosis and how God uses "all things", even the worst things, to bring about good. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will know that YOU are destined for something more than the mediocre life that has been sent your way. I Have Two Words for You, teaches you how to take the curve-balls of life and swing for the fences to become the woman of faith and destiny you were designed to be.

About the Author: Jamie Dahl

Jamie has enjoyed a diverse background of life experiences in many areas. In addition to being an author and breast cancer survivor, Jamie has danced professionally, worked in the fashion industry, and taught elementary school. These professions have taken her all over the country from New York City to Los Angeles, Nashville, and Austin, Texas. She currently enjoys her work as a Beautycounter consultant and leader, advocating for healthier lifestyles, and has achieved the highest title of Managing Director. Through speaking engagements, Jamie has impacted a variety of audiences sharing both her story, her faith, and experience. Her most rewarding job thus far, is being a wife and a mother to her two daughters. Jamie’s passion is sharing her faith in God through her powerful story. Follow Jamie on her blog: thedahliadiaries.com.

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What People Are Saying

Suzi Lantz,

Leadership Consultant

GiANT Worldwide

“This book is a true gift to anyone who finds cancer knocking on their door or the door of someone they love. With complete authenticity and a style that makes you feel like you’re long lost friends, Jamie grabs your hand and walks you through her battle with breast cancer. She shares how she navigated treatment, marriage, motherhood and life in general after cancer became her reality. Jamie answers questions you don’t even know your heart needs to ask and guides you through your own journey even as she’s sharing her own. God’s presence is woven throughout these chapters in a seamless way that offers hope and encouragement. Read it and lift your eyes beyond your circumstance.”

Misty Lown,
Misty's Dance Unlimited

“Jamie's vulnerability and authenticity shine through her story, and her words will make you laugh, cry, and want to hug your children tighter than ever before. ”

Larry Wallace,

“Amazing story of faith and perseverance! Jamie's story had me laughing, crying, and left me full of faith that with God, all things are possible”

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