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Hand Savior!

If you’re a child of the 80’s, like myself, you may remember the Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial where two people walking down the street casually bump into each other and accidentally combine their chocolate bar and tub of peanut butter. What results is a eureka moment and a beautiful marriage of two food items that I believe, were always destined to be one. This flavor combo is proof that when you combine two good things you often are left with one amazing result! 

The same thing has happened with Beautycounter’s Hand Savior that was just released! This product is a combination of hand sanitizer and hand serum, and I can’t tell you how excited I am about this.

Who else has been struggling with the nasty hand sanitizers out there that are filled with potentially harmful ingredients, smell like alcohol (or worse if there’s synthetic fragrance in them), and dry your hands terribly? Well, the genius minds at Beautycounter have designed a solution that not only sanitizes your hands but brightens and moisturizes them at the same time. Hallelujah. Here’s a quick rundown on why this should be the next thing that lives in your car cup holder or purse. 

First, Hand Savior has key ingredients that set it apart from other sanitizers. 

Hyaluronic Acid: hydrates and maintains skin’s moisture.

Niacinamide: known to improve the appearance of dark spots, it helps brighten skin and improve uneven skin tone.

60% Organic Sugar-Derived Alcohol: active ingredient antiseptic that helps reduce bacteria

Sunflower Oleosomes: timed-release delivery system provinces long-lasting moisture

And I’m sure you’re wondering, YES the alcohol content meets the CDC guidelines and has been clinically tested to kill 99.9% of bacteria. 

If you don’t like the typical alcohol smell you find in most hand sanitizers you will be pleasantly surprised with this one. The fragrance is a refreshing Mandarin Bergamot scent created from a combination of oils. 

I think this product is great, but don’t just take my word for it. Here are the results of the clinical studies.

Immediately after use, 97% of users said it instantly brightened their hands. After four weeks of use 100% said their hands felt hydrated, not dry, 91% said hands looked more youthful, and 91% said their skin tone looked more even. 

For those of you who are into sustainability, the bottle is made of glass not plastic. And I can tell you that this clumsy gal dropped mine on the concrete steps outside of my home and the thick glass wall of the container did not break! Whew! 

For as much of a beating that our hands get why not treat them to some love too! 

How to Use Concealer

Dark circles, and that occasional blemish. What is their kryptonite? Concealer! 

Of all the makeup products I like to use I think it’s safe to say that concealer is one of the, “I think I will die if I don’t have it,” products. Okay, so I won’t DIE, but it will look like I’m dead. It’s not pretty. 

If you’re a concealer lover like myself you’re going to love this post. I thought it would be fun to dive into all of the ways you can use concealer. In the past, I thought concealer was just for your under-eye area. But oh no. There’s so much more. (I can tell you’re on the edge of your seat. Hold tight, I know it’s mind-blowing.)

Under the Eyes

The first and most obvious way to use concealer is under your eye area. I used to apply my concealer in horizontal strokes underneath my eyes and semi-roughly smear it into place. Bad, bad, bad. The correct way to apply it is to draw an inverted triangle under your eyes. Also, don’t get too close to your lower lash line. That will actually accentuate the dark circles. Then GENTLY pat and blend the product with your ring finger. Your ring finger is your weakest finger, and you’re less likely to pull on that fragile under eye skin which could cause droopiness overtime. Or you could use a beauty blender that has been lightly moistened with water. Gently press the blender over the area and pat the product so it’s blended nicely. I’ve been using this Better Blender.

Covering Blemishes

This one is pretty straightforward. Simply pat a small amount of concealer on the blemish and blend with a ring finger or beauty blender. I have found that if I need more coverage I can let the product dry a bit and then reapply another thin layer. It’s also important to blend the edges of the concealer into your foundation so you have a smooth look. 


The art of highlighting and contouring has always amazed me. It’s incredible what some simple concealer application can do to brighten your face. If you’re looking to highlight, start with the areas that naturally reflect light. These areas are the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, forehead (between your eyes and up slightly) and your chin. I will also sometimes put a little on the sides of my nose to reflect light there too. It’s important to blend it into your foundation so it looks natural.

Eye Shadow Prep

This one is one of my favorites. I’ve found that I can get my eyeshadow to last longer and have a longer lasting, and stronger pigment if I first prep my lids with concealer. To do this, gently press a thin layer of concealer over your entire eyelid, let it dry completely, and then apply your shadows. 


This was a trick I learned at a Beautycounter conference a couple of years ago. I attended a makeup application session taught by Christy Coleman, our Chief Artistic Officer/Product Developer, and makeup artist. She said you can enhance your lips by applying concealer or a highlighter to the cupid’s bow of your lip. You can also apply concealer around the edges of your lips to clean up the lipstick line after applying your lipstick. 

Finish it Off!

Once you have applied your concealer make sure to set it with a translucent powder. I like the Mattifying Powder from Beautycounter. Take that damp beauty blender again and pat it into the powder. Then press it into your skin. Voila! 

So there you have it! Some fun ways to use your concealer to make the most of your makeup look. If you have any questions about finding the correct shade of Skin Twin Cream Concealer for you, contact me. I’m happy to help! 

Remember, when it comes to safer beauty, I’ve got you covered

Did you catch it? 

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. 

The Quest for a “Clean” Deodorant

Is trying to find a clean deodorant making you throw yourself a “pit-y” party? Sorry. I had to go there. This has been something I have struggled with for quite some time. Finding a deodorant that didn’t contain the potentially harmful ingredients REALLY became a priority after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

My work with Beautycounter has taught me a lot about what ingredients I should try to stay away from in my products. Two of those ingredients are aluminum and parabens, and these are two ingredients commonly found in deodorants and antiperspirants. Once I knew better I tried to do better, so both my husband and I began a quest to find a deodorant that not only works, but is safer for us. 

Research has been done specifically on parabens and the potential cancer contributing effects that they can have on breast tissue. Some scientists believe that parabens have the ability to change the way your body regulates and produces estrogen. Why does this matter? It matters because excess estrogen has a big part to play in the growth of cancer cells. 

It’s also known that your skin absorbs what is put on it so think about how many times you have swiped that deodorant stick across your armpits. Whatever is in that stick is potentially being absorbed into the breast tissue that sits close to your axilla. Yep, having gone through what I did with my cancer journey, I knew I wasn’t going to settle for using the run of the mill deodorant any more. 

Thankfully, Beautycounter has been working on creating a safer and effective deodorant called, “The Clean Deo”, for five years and they finally did it! It’s been a project that they have been very committed to and I’m excited that they have succeeded. 

Before you jump into switching to a non-toxic deodorant, I want to give you a few tips on how to “detox” your pits. (I know, sounds weird. Hang with me here.)

It’s going to take little time for your body to rid itself of the toxin build-up that months/years of your previous deodorant has done. So here are the steps to start that process. 

Wash with Charcoal Soap

First, begin washing your armpits with the Beautycounter Charcoal Soap. This soap brings out the impurities before your body starts sweating them out. Do this every day. 

Use a Charcoal Mask

Once a week use the Beautycounter Charcoal Mask to further remove those impurities. Sounds weird. I know. But it’s really pretty simple. If it’s in the morning, put a small layer of the mask under your arms and allow it to dry for about 5-10 minutes. You can brush your teeth or pick out your outfit for the day while you wait! Then jump in the shower and quick wash it off. Easy, peasy. 

Now remember, this is a DEODORANT. It’s not an antiperspirant. So you may experience a little wetness throughout the day when you first start, however, I have found that as my body detoxed I sweat less! True story. So give it a few weeks. 

In clinical studies, 100% of people polled said that our deodorant was non-irritating, 96% said it went on clear, 90% said it absorbed perspiration, and 85% said odor was absorbed all day long. 

Lastly, the other thing I love about our deodorant is that it’s refillable. That means less plastic waste in our landfills. Win, win!

Want to switch to safer? No sweat. I’ve got you covered. 

Clean Those Makeup Brushes!

We clean our face morning and night, but do you think to clean your makeup brushes too? This is such an important step in every clean beauty routine for multiple reasons. It’s a simple thing to do and I will explain the quick step by step process, but first let’s chat about why you need to be adding this to your list of healthy habits. 

Most of us women use makeup brushes everyday to apply our foundations and powders, and over time those brushes can get thick with dust, excess makeup, oils, and dead skin cells from our faces. Gross, right?! I know, I’m not painting a very pretty picture of getting glammed up am I? But hang with me for a second. 

All of that ickiness I just mentioned is a breeding ground for bacteria, and that bacteria when mixed with those old oils and dead skin cells can clog pores and exacerbate acne issues. It can leave your skin looking dull and lifeless. And even if you have a fantastic skin care routine, if you don’t clean your brushes, that routine will feel like two steps forward and one step back. Any makeup artist will tell you that the best canvas for beautiful makeup is clear skin. So why not do everything you can to keep that canvas looking great! 

Brushes, when cleaned regularly, will also last longer and do their job better for you. Brushes are meant to blend the product into your skin evenly, but if they are caked with oils and old makeup they can’t do that effectively. You’re also not getting the benefits of the true color of the product because it’s being subtly mixed with all of the other colors you used in the past. 

Are you convinced yet? 

It’s easy to keep your brushes looking ship shape and here is a quick step-by-step process to get you started. This is what you will need:

  1. Warm water
  2. A gentle soap or shampoo (There are specific cleansers for brushes out there, but I use my Beautycounter Daily Shampoo)
  3. Clean towel

First begin by running your brush under warm water. Then gently massage the bristles with a little bit of gentle shampoo or soap. I like to put a dollop of shampoo in the palm of my hand and swirl the brush in my palm. Continue to massage the bristles and run them under the warm water to rinse out the product. This may need to be repeated a few times until you see your brush is completely clean.

Then, I lightly squeeze the excess water out of the brush with my hand and tap out any remaining water. 

This next step is very important. I have found that laying my brushes flat on a clean towel to dry is better than standing them upright in a cup. Certain brushes keep their bristles held into the handle with glue and letting water stand at this junction point weakens the glue and the bristles will potentially fall out over time. 

Lastly, once the brushes are completely dry, I fluff the bristles with my fingers and they are good as new! 

A good habit to get into is cleaning your brushes once a week. Set a day that is “brush cleaning day” and wash them quickly as you’re getting ready for bed. They will dry overnight and be ready for the next morning!

And a good makeup brush makes ALL the difference when applying your makeup. I love the Beautycounter brushes and didn’t realize how bad my old ones were until I tried these.

Gifting Safer Beauty

I think this is by far my favorite time of the year for Beautycounter. It’s when Christmas comes in October! Literally. Every year Beautycounter comes out with beautiful, unique holiday gift collections, and every year I go a little nutso over them. This year is no different!

I thought I’d take a minute to break down each gift set and share a little about each one, why I like it, and maybe who it might be a perfect gift for. I’ll divide them into three categories, (Make Up, Skin Care, and Body) so it’s easier to follow along. Let’s jump in! Santa’s not getting any younger!


Golden Hour All-In One Palette ($65)

This palette includes four eyeshadows, a soft blush and an illuminating highlighter. It also has a built-in mirror! This palette is formulated using responsibly sourced mica, and NO talc. 

Why I like it:  I love having all of my shadows, blush, and highlighters in one spot. No more fishing around in the makeup drawer trying to find everything. It’s great for travel too! The colors can easily go from a natural “day look” to a more dramatic evening look, and I feel like they would compliment any skin tone. 

The Jellies ($39)

Oh boy. Where do I start on this one? These became my daughters’ favorite holiday gift set last year when Beautycounter first debuted them. These are sweet little lip glosses that are perfect for throwing in your purse or pocket for a quick lip pick-me-up. This year Beautycounter is offering two sets. This first one that is currently available is called the Shimmers. These have five different shades and flavors. (Cocoa, Caramel, Peppermint, Sorbet, and Honey)

Why I like it: What’s not to like? The jellies take me back to my “Lip Smacker” days, big time. They are perfect for winter to add a little natural color, sparkle, and moisture to your lips, and they are great for any age. Like I mentioned earlier, these make great stocking stuffers for your daughters, or granddaughters too!

Beyond Gloss Trio ($49)

Beautycounter recently updated our lip glosses and they are gorgeous. The Beyond Gloss Trio is a limited edition three pack that will keep you covered in any situation. It has three shades, (Wild Berry, Lilac Shimmer, and Iris Shimmer) that provide both shine, and lip conditioning. 

Why I like it: Options. I love options. And this set takes the guesswork out of what shade to pick. The Wild Berry shade is perfect for fall or a virtual holiday party (sigh), the Lilac Shimmer is a great day look, and the Iris Shimmer gives that au natural shine that says, “I woke up looking this fabulous!” The thing that makes Beautycounter’s lip glosses so unique is the fact that they ARE NOT STICKY! HALLELUJAH! It’s the simple things. 


Countertime Radiant Skin Set ($89)

One of the many things I love about Beautycounter is the fact that they are always on top of the newest and best ways to take care of our skin. This set includes the Countertime Radiance Serum which is the most ingredient concentrated, anti-aging serum we have. It also includes a facial roller, which helps the absorption of the product, increase circulation in the face, and also reduce puffiness. Who doesn’t need a little bit of that after the kids wake you up at the crack of dawn to see if Santa came?

Why I like it: I have been using the entire Countertime line since it first came out and I have seen such an improvement in my skin. It’s brighter, smoother, and I feel like lines and wrinkles have diminished. This set would be a great way to give this line a try!

Bright Side Duo ($75)

People always ask me, “What’s your favorite product?” I’ll be honest. It changes. But right now, these two are crossing the finish line at the same time for me. If you’re looking for brightening of the skin and reduction of dark spots, these two buddies are your winning combo. The Counter+ All Bright C Serum is designed to work by day using turmeric, and vitamin C, and the Overnight Resurfacing Peel is its night time companion packing a punch with alpha hydroxy acids, and beta hydroxy acids. 

Why I like it: I use the Counter+ All Bright C Serum literally every morning, and the Overnight Resurfacing Peel every other night. The best thing is it’s actually gentle enough to use every night if you wanted to. I have had clients message me in shock of the difference they see in their skin when they use these two products. So the fact that Beautycounter is offering them as a set is brilliant. These are definitely your one two punch and would be perfect for yourself or your  bestie!

Polish & Protect Lip Duo ($34)

Who struggles with dry, chapped lips in the winter? ME! (and my daughters!) I plan on putting this duo by their bedside tables once the snow flies. This set consists of a lip balm and a lip polish that work beautifully together. The polish, made with organic sugar, helps take off dead, dry skin, and then the balm smooths the lips and locks in moisture with murumuru butter. (That’s just fun to say……..murumuru.)

Why I like it: I like this one because my husband can use it too. He’s always looking for a good lip balm for his car and this one has a sweet citrus scent that’s gender neutral. It’s also one of those gifts that anyone would enjoy and use. 

Special Edition Cleansing Balm ($89)

Go big or go home! The Cleansing Balm has been a staple with Beautycounter for quite some time and there is a reason. It’s amazing! This holiday season, it comes to us in a deluxe size and you’re going to want to snag this one. This balm is multi-purposed. It not only cleans your face, but it also moisturizes it as well. 

Why I like it: The Cleansing Balm is a one stop shop. I use it (especially in the winter when my skin is super dry) to wash my face and remove my makeup. I rub it on my dry face, and then rinse with water and a washcloth. It cleans my face without stripping it of moisture. Then I put it back on like a moisturizer and sleep in it overnight. It’s not greasy, nor does it stain my pillow. It’s been a game changer. Fun fact. I also figured out it takes off temporary tattoos from my kids’ arms without rubbing them raw. Bonus! 


Good Glow Body Duo ($59)

This year has been all about #selfcare and this set is perfect for that. Beautycounter recently reformulated our Sugar Scrub and now we have an all-new Sugarbuff Body Polish made with fine milled sugar and botanical oils. I can’t tell you how amazing this scrub smells! It comes with a 3.4 fl oz bottle of the Body Glow Illuminating Lotion. This is a lightweight lotion that has a slight shimmer in it created by responsibly sourced mica. 

Why I like it: I have been using the Beautycounter body scrub, for years and have found it incredibly helpful with my daughters’ dry skin. My oldest had eczema when she was younger and the scrub was a lifesaver. It really helps get the dry skin off while moisturizing all at the same time. The Body Glow Illuminating Lotion is incredibly flattering and offers that slight glow that looks so pretty on your neck or shoulders. Love this one. 

Good Scents Body Butter Trio ($49)

This is a trio of body butters in three different scents. (Calm, Uplift, and Balance) If you’re looking for a gift that will spoil someone, stop right here. These butters are creamy and hydrating yet they absorb quickly. They are formulated with shea butter and sunflower oil for maximum moisturizing. 

Why I like it: I love gift sets like this one because I can break it up and make separate gift bags for people. You could throw in a few of your other favorite things and it becomes a unique gift that will surely be a hit. 

Good Scents Hand Cream Trio ($34)

Everyone loves a good hand cream. It’s one of those gifts that always gets used, and this one is no different. This trio has three scents (Calm, Uplift, and Balance) just like the Body Butters. They are lightweight and small enough to put in your purse or gym bag. 

Why I like it: Again, I love that this set can be broken up and paired with other gifts. The complementary scents work beautifully with the Body Butter Trio and also make great hostess gifts! 

Why Should I Gift Beautycounter?

When you give your friends and loved ones Beautycounter products you’re not just giving them a product. You’re giving them safer beauty. They are enjoying safer products that they can feel confident using knowing they have been formulated with their health in mind. You are also introducing them to a company that cares about people and our planet, and one that is making incredible strides in those areas. 

Who are you going to spoil this year? Thanks to Beautycounter there’s something for everyone. Maybe that someone is YOU! 

Flawless in Five

The Flawless in Five cosmetic collection is hands down a necessity in my world. I don’t have time in the morning to leisurely paint layers of perfectly applied make-up (nor do I want to). When my alarm goes off in the morning, there are some days when it feels more like a starters gun signally the beginning of a race than a gentle nudge to begin my day. I TRY to be diligent about having some calm quiet time before the house wakes up, but some mornings it’s “all hands on deck” to get everyone out the door.

When it comes to my daily cosmetics, I just need the basics to ensure the dark circles under my eyes I don’t scare young children when I leave the safety of my house. That’s where the Flawless in Five comes in. My lifesaver. (And protector of said children that would otherwise encounter my bare visage.)

But you say you’re not a make-up person? That’s exactly why this set would be perfect for you. It only contains six products that can be applied in five minutes. The finished product is a natural, “make-up free” look that still helps you feel polished and put together. And what’s great about this collection is you can choose the shades that are best for you!

Let’s break it down:

1: Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation or Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer

I used to despise foundation because it always felt thick and cakey, but Beautycounter’s Tint Skin has changed my tune. It’s very light and creamy, and gives my completion a polished, smooth look. This foundation contains sodium hyaluronate which is a natural moisture magnet that helps promote even skin tone and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can apply it with your fingertips or with our Retractable Foundation Brush

Beautycounter recently added the option to choose between the Tint Skin or the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer for the Flawless in Five set! Score!

The Dew Skin is a tinted moisturizer that contains an SPF of 20. We only use non-nano zinc oxide for our sunscreen products because it’s a physical barrier, not a chemical barrier. The zinc oxide sits on the surface of the skin and then reflect the sun’s rays. It also provides some light moisture for your skin and a natural tint to give you a dewy glow.

I’ve found that the Dew Skin is great even when you’re working out, because it stays put and it looks so natural!

2. Touchup Skin Concealer Pen

I always used to struggle with finding a concealer that didn’t run or crease, and the Touchup Skin Concealer Pen is the first one that I have actually been happy with. It comes in a “pen” that you can use to brush the product onto the undereye area or over a blemish. I typically choose a shade that is slightly lighter than my foundation to help cover my “tired mom” dark circles.

3. Color Define Brow Pencil or Brilliant Brow Gel

Next, you have the option of choosing either the Color Define Brow Pencil or the Brilliant Brow Gel. Honestly, I need BOTH. Being a cancer survivor, my past dance with chemotherapy left my brows looking like they went through a war, so these two products are essentials for me. But, you have the option to choose which is best for you!

The brow pencil is great for filling in sparse areas of the brow and defining the shape of the brow. I find if I warm up the tip of the pencil on my hand it glides very nicely and will make very natural looking hairlike strokes. The other end of the pencil contains a brush that you can use to brush the hairs upward before you apply the pencil.

The Brilliant Brow Gel is magic in my opinion. I like to describe it as hairspray for your brows. It comes in 4 tinted shades, and one clear. I have found that this product holds the hairs in place, tints them so they appear darker and fuller, and serves to lock the brow pencil in place.

4. Lengthening or Volumizing Mascara

Do you want to lengthen your lashes, or give them more volume? Our two mascara options are great. Both don’t contain harmful ingredients that many mascaras typically do. I have also found that they don’t flake or clump.

The Lengthening Mascara is good for creating definition and giving length to your lashes. It is long wearing, but yet easy to remove at the end of the day. I use either our Eye Makeup Remover or our Makeup Remover Wipes.

I’m a Volumizing Mascara kinda girl. I need some VOLUME! Again, chemo did a number on my once lush lashes, so our mascara and I have a beautiful relationship. This guy is made with natural fibers and has an hourglass shaped brush to help lift and curl the lash.

Both of these mascaras are buildable so you can add multiple coats easily!

5. Satin Powder Blush

We all like that youthful, flush in our cheeks, right? And let’s face it, my youthful flush went down the toilet a long time ago. That’s why the Satin Powder Blush comes in pretty handy. Each shade is created to flatter all skin tones, and there are seven shades to choose from. My favorite is sorbet, and not because it’s named after a dessert. Really.

6. Lip Gloss

If you would have told me that I would be a lip gloss wearer, I would have told you that you had lost your marbles. I couldn’t stand lip gloss because of the sticky texture that made my mouth feel like some slimy creature from the black lagoon. Newsflash. Our lip glosses are NOT STICKY! Hallelujah! They are made with carnauba wax, jojoba oil, and vitamin C, and they give a beautiful and natural shine to your lips. You have eight gorgeous colors to choose from. My favorite is Blush Shimmer because it has a little sparkle to it, but not the cheesy, “I’m 12 years old and shopping at Claire’s” kind of sparkle.

So there you have it! It may have taken you 15 minutes to read through those descriptions, but I promise you it will only take you five minutes to actually apply all of these products.

To find this simple process of choosing these shades and making this collection a part of your routine simply go to Flawless in Five on my website.

Also, there is a great cost savings when you purchase these collection versus individual products. You can’t beat that!

Answers to the “Questions”.

Beauty should be good for you!  Yep. All this and a bag of chips. (Well, maybe the chips aren’t good for you, but darn it! Beauty should be!) I believe this with all of my heart.  Beauty should be safer, and I am walking proof of that.

I often get asked some of the same questions about this company and more specifically this business.  At Beautycounter’s recent L.E.A.D conference, our SVP of Social Mission, Lindsay Dahl, gave us some great information about these specific questions. I thought I would spend a little time addressing what she shared with us regarding a few of them.

Question #1

How can I verify that Beautycounter is safer than other companies?

This is a great question! Yes, you always want to do your research when you are searching out cleaner, safer options.  Here is why I believe Beautycounter is the best option. First of all, their ingredient selection process. You can find it on my website HERE.  But, I’ll share it for you as well.

This is what Beautycounter does. They…

Ban Intentionally

The Never List is made up of approximately 1,500 harmful or questionable ingredients we prohibit formulations, including the nearly 1,400 ingredients banned in the European Union.

Screen Rigoriously

Using the best available sources, we screen every potential ingredient for information on specific hazards like cancer, developmental toxicity, hormone disruption, and infertility.

Learn Constantly

There are major data gaps on most cosmetics ingredients, so we review emerging data regularly and even commission our own studies.

Source Responsibly

We choose the bet organic, natural, sustainable, and synthetic ingredients that meet our standards. Over 80% of the ingredients in our products are natural or plant-derived.

Share Transparently

Every formula ingredient, including known components of fragrances, flavors, and intentionally added preservatives, are listed on our product labels or on

Beautycounter is also working with researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine to study many of the ingredients that we use in our formulas.  Tufts is known for their work in studying hormone disruptors.

Beautycounter also holds the EWG verified status with the Environmental Working Group.  This certification ups the level of trust in the companies that meet these standards.  The EWG is essentially saying that when a company is considered “verified” then their products meet their strictest standards.  

Beautycounter also earned the highest score in the Chemical Footprint Project.  They were successful in reaching the benchmarks set by this organization’s survey showing that they are striving to replace harmful ingredients with safer alternatives.  

And lastly, Beautycounter is a certified B Corporation.  We put people and planet first!

Question #2

You use preservatives. Is that safe?

All of the preservatives Beautycounter uses are screened for safety.  They also want to be sure that the final formulation is safe.  If a product isn’t preserved properly it can expose you and your family to yeast, mold, and bacteria.

Question #3

Are you trying to scare consumers into buying your products?

Definitely not!  Beautycounter mission is rooted in science.  As mentioned earlier, they work with reputable organizations like Tufts University to study potentially harmful ingredients and how they can negatively affect our health.  There are many other valid organizations such as the University of Berkeley in California, Harvard University, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Nurses Association that have been weighing in on this issue for years.  

Question #4

Aren’t you an MLM (multi-level marketing) company?

That is a very common misconception.  Beautycounter is so much more than that! Our business model is very different.  We are a direct to retail brand that uses a combination of independent consultants, an e-commerce site, and retail locations.  Our mission is to get safe products into the hands of EVERYONE. We want to give consumers every available way to have access to our products.  

Beautycounter believes that their network of consultants is their most important piece, because this mission is best shared person to person.  It’s education first. What better way to do that than through relationships.

Question #5

What exactly am I paying for?  I could get a “cheaper” product from Target.

Your health is your biggest asset, and I believe using safer products is a great way to take care of your health.  Our products may cost a bit more than others you may find at the local drug store, but safer ingredients are often times more expensive than conventional ingredients.  We also have a limited number of manufacturers we can use because the company is so careful about how our products are made. Beautycounter also likes to formulate the products in the United States, and source from North America as much as possible.  

I have found that because our products are so well made, you only need a TINY bit for each use.  Therefore, they last much longer than other, more cheaply made, products you may find somewhere else.  

So there you have it!  If you have any other questions or are interested in learning more about our products or the business opportunity contact me!

Charcoal! Who Knew?

People always ask me what my ONE favorite Beautycounter product is and I always tell them, “That’s like asking me which of my children is my favorite! That’s impossible!”  However, I will tell you about a product that makes my list as one of my top “must haves”. It has to be the No. 3 Balancing Face Mask.

This is also one of my favorite products to offer as samples. My girls love to help me get put together the sample bags too. Soon it turns into them playing “mommy” and trying out all of the products! Thankfully, I have confidence knowing that because it’s a Beautycounter product it’s safe for them too! So, here’s why I love the charcoal mask.

This mask is so versatile! When I’m feeling like I need a little relaxing spa moment, this is the first thing I reach for.  I know quite a few people with different skin types that have made this product one of their go-to’s as well. I have fairly normal to dry skin, with relatively minimal issues with breakouts. But, I can definitely tell when it’s looking a little dull and needs a pick me up.

My husband also uses this mask and he feels like it deep cleans his pores, helps with any sporadic breakouts, and cuts down on excessive oil. Men typically have more oily skin than women so that’s another reason why this is a “win” for him too. I also have friends with teenagers that struggle quite a bit with acne that LOVE this mask because it helps minimize those pesky breakouts.

So, what amazing goodness is in this mask you ask?  Well, it contains nutrient-rich kaolin clay that has the very important task of deep cleaning and balancing the skin.  It also absorbs excess oil and draws out impurities.

It also contains activated charcoal that serves to shrink down the appearance of pores. Charcoal? Really? I know, that was my first thought too. Seriously, why would I put that on my face? Well, there’s a very good reason!  Activated charcoal absorbs harmful substances! Yay! It has been used in multiple applications for many years such as eliminating bad breath, relieving digestion issues, and also detoxifying the body from heavy metals.  

One of the other ingredients is salicylic acid which helps slough off dead skin cells making your skin appear brighter and less congested. Who doesn’t want that? The mask also contains peppermint oil which gives it a really refreshing and rejuvenating smell that I absolutely LOVE.

This mask is great to use mine once or twice a week.  Typically I cleanse my skin at night and then apply a thin layer around on my face avoiding the eye and lip area.  Then, I will let it dry for about ten minutes and proceed to walk around the house making funny faces at my kids and husband because it just looks goofy.   After it’s dried completely to the point where I don’t want to move my lips, I rinse it off with warm water.  I like to use my hands and not a washcloth because it’s gentler on my skin.

Once it’s completely rinsed off I like to apply the No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil to seal in moisture and brighten my skin. The other thing I love about this mask is the fact that it doesn’t make my skin feel dry. So many other masks I have tried in the past feel incredibly drying.  

And the best part is it doesn’t contain potentially harmful ingredients like PEGs! PEGs are petroleum based compounds commonly found in personal care products and specifically masks.

So here’s a mask that is ok to “hide behind” even if it’s only for ten minutes!

Full Circle

My passion, my “why”. This is it, right here. One of the biggest unknowns just a few years ago has become one of the biggest blessings. That small, three-lettered word “yes” that I said to Beautycounter. I said yes to something completely out of my comfort zone and it has given me so much.

And now this wonderful company just gave me an opportunity that still doesn’t feel quite real.

That opportunity came at Beautycounter’s annual Leadership Summit conference this past weekend. 

I have spent the past three days immersed in an environment of outstanding, smart, passionate women and men. These wonderful people care about the health of all of us. They are individuals who care about making a difference and using their voices to carry a movement forward and bring awareness of the dangers of harmful chemicals in our personal care products.

And we’re not only working to bring awareness, but to force change. While this is an enormous undertaking and the scope is broad, it all comes down to the individual. The faces of women, men, and children. All who have a story to tell, and all who matter. 

My story, as with so many these days, is my experience with cancer. I was honored to be asked to briefly share a few words of my story in front of an audience of 4,000 incredible members the Beautycounter family. I can hardly believe it myself.

This was a “full-circle” moment for me. One year ago when I should have been at this same conference, I was lying in a hospital bed. This was not lost on me, and I did my best to white-knuckle it and stay strong through both the rehearsals and most importantly, while I was delivering my message in the opening segment of the conference.

However, as I walked off the stage the weight and thankfulness for this opportunity came flooding out, and I broke. My tears flowed and I was overwhelmed with gratitude not only for basic fact that I was alive, but for seeing how God can take something so horrible and make it life giving.

He can bring restoration from ruin, hope when you’re hopeless, and give beauty for ashes. He longs to show us His love and favor, and that is exactly what I felt this weekend. 

The rest of the time I spent speaking with many inspiring women who shared their stories with me. Some I was able to encourage and even more were encouraging to me.

I laughed a lot, and cried a lot more. I admired the sea of fabulous earrings and super cute shoes, and just had fun with some phenomenal Beautycounter boss ladies that I’m proud to call my friends.

This business has given me so much more than I ever thought it would, and I am grateful.