Charcoal! Who Knew?

People always ask me what my ONE favorite Beautycounter product is and I always tell them, “That’s like asking me which of my children is my favorite! That’s impossible!”  However, I will tell you about a product that makes my list as one of my top “must haves”. It has to be the No. 3 Balancing Face Mask.

This is also one of my favorite products to offer as samples. My girls love to help me get put together the sample bags too. Soon it turns into them playing “mommy” and trying out all of the products! Thankfully, I have confidence knowing that because it’s a Beautycounter product it’s safe for them too! So, here’s why I love the charcoal mask.

This mask is so versatile! When I’m feeling like I need a little relaxing spa moment, this is the first thing I reach for.  I know quite a few people with different skin types that have made this product one of their go-to’s as well. I have fairly normal to dry skin, with relatively minimal issues with breakouts. But, I can definitely tell when it’s looking a little dull and needs a pick me up.

My husband also uses this mask and he feels like it deep cleans his pores, helps with any sporadic breakouts, and cuts down on excessive oil. Men typically have more oily skin than women so that’s another reason why this is a “win” for him too. I also have friends with teenagers that struggle quite a bit with acne that LOVE this mask because it helps minimize those pesky breakouts.

So, what amazing goodness is in this mask you ask?  Well, it contains nutrient-rich kaolin clay that has the very important task of deep cleaning and balancing the skin.  It also absorbs excess oil and draws out impurities.

It also contains activated charcoal that serves to shrink down the appearance of pores. Charcoal? Really? I know, that was my first thought too. Seriously, why would I put that on my face? Well, there’s a very good reason!  Activated charcoal absorbs harmful substances! Yay! It has been used in multiple applications for many years such as eliminating bad breath, relieving digestion issues, and also detoxifying the body from heavy metals.  

One of the other ingredients is salicylic acid which helps slough off dead skin cells making your skin appear brighter and less congested. Who doesn’t want that? The mask also contains peppermint oil which gives it a really refreshing and rejuvenating smell that I absolutely LOVE.

This mask is great to use mine once or twice a week.  Typically I cleanse my skin at night and then apply a thin layer around on my face avoiding the eye and lip area.  Then, I will let it dry for about ten minutes and proceed to walk around the house making funny faces at my kids and husband because it just looks goofy.   After it’s dried completely to the point where I don’t want to move my lips, I rinse it off with warm water.  I like to use my hands and not a washcloth because it’s gentler on my skin.

Once it’s completely rinsed off I like to apply the No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil to seal in moisture and brighten my skin. The other thing I love about this mask is the fact that it doesn’t make my skin feel dry. So many other masks I have tried in the past feel incredibly drying.  

And the best part is it doesn’t contain potentially harmful ingredients like PEGs! PEGs are petroleum based compounds commonly found in personal care products and specifically masks.

So here’s a mask that is ok to “hide behind” even if it’s only for ten minutes!

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