Full Circle

My passion, my “why”. This is it, right here. One of the biggest unknowns just a few years ago has become one of the biggest blessings. That small, three-lettered word “yes” that I said to Beautycounter. I said yes to something completely out of my comfort zone and it has given me so much.

And now this wonderful company just gave me an opportunity that still doesn’t feel quite real.

That opportunity came at Beautycounter’s annual Leadership Summit conference this past weekend. 

I have spent the past three days immersed in an environment of outstanding, smart, passionate women and men. These wonderful people care about the health of all of us. They are individuals who care about making a difference and using their voices to carry a movement forward and bring awareness of the dangers of harmful chemicals in our personal care products.

And we’re not only working to bring awareness, but to force change. While this is an enormous undertaking and the scope is broad, it all comes down to the individual. The faces of women, men, and children. All who have a story to tell, and all who matter. 

My story, as with so many these days, is my experience with cancer. I was honored to be asked to briefly share a few words of my story in front of an audience of 4,000 incredible members the Beautycounter family. I can hardly believe it myself.

This was a “full-circle” moment for me. One year ago when I should have been at this same conference, I was lying in a hospital bed. This was not lost on me, and I did my best to white-knuckle it and stay strong through both the rehearsals and most importantly, while I was delivering my message in the opening segment of the conference.

However, as I walked off the stage the weight and thankfulness for this opportunity came flooding out, and I broke. My tears flowed and I was overwhelmed with gratitude not only for basic fact that I was alive, but for seeing how God can take something so horrible and make it life giving.

He can bring restoration from ruin, hope when you’re hopeless, and give beauty for ashes. He longs to show us His love and favor, and that is exactly what I felt this weekend. 

The rest of the time I spent speaking with many inspiring women who shared their stories with me. Some I was able to encourage and even more were encouraging to me.

I laughed a lot, and cried a lot more. I admired the sea of fabulous earrings and super cute shoes, and just had fun with some phenomenal Beautycounter boss ladies that I’m proud to call my friends.

This business has given me so much more than I ever thought it would, and I am grateful.