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I think this is by far my favorite time of the year for Beautycounter. It’s when Christmas comes in October! Literally. Every year Beautycounter comes out with beautiful, unique holiday gift collections, and every year I go a little nutso over them. This year is no different!

I thought I’d take a minute to break down each gift set and share a little about each one, why I like it, and maybe who it might be a perfect gift for. I’ll divide them into three categories, (Make Up, Skin Care, and Body) so it’s easier to follow along. Let’s jump in! Santa’s not getting any younger!


Golden Hour All-In One Palette ($65)

This palette includes four eyeshadows, a soft blush and an illuminating highlighter. It also has a built-in mirror! This palette is formulated using responsibly sourced mica, and NO talc. 

Why I like it:  I love having all of my shadows, blush, and highlighters in one spot. No more fishing around in the makeup drawer trying to find everything. It’s great for travel too! The colors can easily go from a natural “day look” to a more dramatic evening look, and I feel like they would compliment any skin tone. 

The Jellies ($39)

Oh boy. Where do I start on this one? These became my daughters’ favorite holiday gift set last year when Beautycounter first debuted them. These are sweet little lip glosses that are perfect for throwing in your purse or pocket for a quick lip pick-me-up. This year Beautycounter is offering two sets. This first one that is currently available is called the Shimmers. These have five different shades and flavors. (Cocoa, Caramel, Peppermint, Sorbet, and Honey)

Why I like it: What’s not to like? The jellies take me back to my “Lip Smacker” days, big time. They are perfect for winter to add a little natural color, sparkle, and moisture to your lips, and they are great for any age. Like I mentioned earlier, these make great stocking stuffers for your daughters, or granddaughters too!

Beyond Gloss Trio ($49)

Beautycounter recently updated our lip glosses and they are gorgeous. The Beyond Gloss Trio is a limited edition three pack that will keep you covered in any situation. It has three shades, (Wild Berry, Lilac Shimmer, and Iris Shimmer) that provide both shine, and lip conditioning. 

Why I like it: Options. I love options. And this set takes the guesswork out of what shade to pick. The Wild Berry shade is perfect for fall or a virtual holiday party (sigh), the Lilac Shimmer is a great day look, and the Iris Shimmer gives that au natural shine that says, “I woke up looking this fabulous!” The thing that makes Beautycounter’s lip glosses so unique is the fact that they ARE NOT STICKY! HALLELUJAH! It’s the simple things. 


Countertime Radiant Skin Set ($89)

One of the many things I love about Beautycounter is the fact that they are always on top of the newest and best ways to take care of our skin. This set includes the Countertime Radiance Serum which is the most ingredient concentrated, anti-aging serum we have. It also includes a facial roller, which helps the absorption of the product, increase circulation in the face, and also reduce puffiness. Who doesn’t need a little bit of that after the kids wake you up at the crack of dawn to see if Santa came?

Why I like it: I have been using the entire Countertime line since it first came out and I have seen such an improvement in my skin. It’s brighter, smoother, and I feel like lines and wrinkles have diminished. This set would be a great way to give this line a try!

Bright Side Duo ($75)

People always ask me, “What’s your favorite product?” I’ll be honest. It changes. But right now, these two are crossing the finish line at the same time for me. If you’re looking for brightening of the skin and reduction of dark spots, these two buddies are your winning combo. The Counter+ All Bright C Serum is designed to work by day using turmeric, and vitamin C, and the Overnight Resurfacing Peel is its night time companion packing a punch with alpha hydroxy acids, and beta hydroxy acids. 

Why I like it: I use the Counter+ All Bright C Serum literally every morning, and the Overnight Resurfacing Peel every other night. The best thing is it’s actually gentle enough to use every night if you wanted to. I have had clients message me in shock of the difference they see in their skin when they use these two products. So the fact that Beautycounter is offering them as a set is brilliant. These are definitely your one two punch and would be perfect for yourself or your  bestie!

Polish & Protect Lip Duo ($34)

Who struggles with dry, chapped lips in the winter? ME! (and my daughters!) I plan on putting this duo by their bedside tables once the snow flies. This set consists of a lip balm and a lip polish that work beautifully together. The polish, made with organic sugar, helps take off dead, dry skin, and then the balm smooths the lips and locks in moisture with murumuru butter. (That’s just fun to say……..murumuru.)

Why I like it: I like this one because my husband can use it too. He’s always looking for a good lip balm for his car and this one has a sweet citrus scent that’s gender neutral. It’s also one of those gifts that anyone would enjoy and use. 

Special Edition Cleansing Balm ($89)

Go big or go home! The Cleansing Balm has been a staple with Beautycounter for quite some time and there is a reason. It’s amazing! This holiday season, it comes to us in a deluxe size and you’re going to want to snag this one. This balm is multi-purposed. It not only cleans your face, but it also moisturizes it as well. 

Why I like it: The Cleansing Balm is a one stop shop. I use it (especially in the winter when my skin is super dry) to wash my face and remove my makeup. I rub it on my dry face, and then rinse with water and a washcloth. It cleans my face without stripping it of moisture. Then I put it back on like a moisturizer and sleep in it overnight. It’s not greasy, nor does it stain my pillow. It’s been a game changer. Fun fact. I also figured out it takes off temporary tattoos from my kids’ arms without rubbing them raw. Bonus! 


Good Glow Body Duo ($59)

This year has been all about #selfcare and this set is perfect for that. Beautycounter recently reformulated our Sugar Scrub and now we have an all-new Sugarbuff Body Polish made with fine milled sugar and botanical oils. I can’t tell you how amazing this scrub smells! It comes with a 3.4 fl oz bottle of the Body Glow Illuminating Lotion. This is a lightweight lotion that has a slight shimmer in it created by responsibly sourced mica. 

Why I like it: I have been using the Beautycounter body scrub, for years and have found it incredibly helpful with my daughters’ dry skin. My oldest had eczema when she was younger and the scrub was a lifesaver. It really helps get the dry skin off while moisturizing all at the same time. The Body Glow Illuminating Lotion is incredibly flattering and offers that slight glow that looks so pretty on your neck or shoulders. Love this one. 

Good Scents Body Butter Trio ($49)

This is a trio of body butters in three different scents. (Calm, Uplift, and Balance) If you’re looking for a gift that will spoil someone, stop right here. These butters are creamy and hydrating yet they absorb quickly. They are formulated with shea butter and sunflower oil for maximum moisturizing. 

Why I like it: I love gift sets like this one because I can break it up and make separate gift bags for people. You could throw in a few of your other favorite things and it becomes a unique gift that will surely be a hit. 

Good Scents Hand Cream Trio ($34)

Everyone loves a good hand cream. It’s one of those gifts that always gets used, and this one is no different. This trio has three scents (Calm, Uplift, and Balance) just like the Body Butters. They are lightweight and small enough to put in your purse or gym bag. 

Why I like it: Again, I love that this set can be broken up and paired with other gifts. The complementary scents work beautifully with the Body Butter Trio and also make great hostess gifts! 

Why Should I Gift Beautycounter?

When you give your friends and loved ones Beautycounter products you’re not just giving them a product. You’re giving them safer beauty. They are enjoying safer products that they can feel confident using knowing they have been formulated with their health in mind. You are also introducing them to a company that cares about people and our planet, and one that is making incredible strides in those areas. 

Who are you going to spoil this year? Thanks to Beautycounter there’s something for everyone. Maybe that someone is YOU! 

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