​I Have Two Words For You

For years I have believed that all things work together for good and that positive outcomes are possible even when life hurls a major curveball in your direction.  Those curveballs can come in all forms and some, in my opinion, look like a big, fat, rotten tomato in the kisser. But in reality, I never had to truly experience the truth of that statement until I got the call that no woman wants to receive. That call with a voice on the other end that says, “You have breast cancer.” In an instant, my life was changed forever.  

 Now, this is the crazy part. I’m a young, healthy woman with no genetic marker or history of the disease yet at the age of forty-three I was being told that I was going to have to get in the boxing ring, pull up my big girl pants, and fight for my life. All I could think of at that moment was, “I seriously don’t have time for this!  I have a family, a career, and a social life! I can’t possibly put my world on hold to deal with this mess!” But that is exactly what I had to do. Up until this point, I was clicking along living the American dream. I was married to Andrew, the love of my life (still am), and raising two young daughters, Lauren and Katherine, ages six and seven and a half. I had a diverse and exciting career resume, was actively participating as a community volunteer, and had two casseroles in the freezer ready to heat up at any moment. How could a nightmare like this happen to me? Well, it did, and this book is about that roller-coaster journey.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

​Jamie Dahl, Author

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